Chiropractic Approach

The Chiropractic approach to recovery from injuries and eliminating pain is based on restoring, preserving, and optimizing health through natural hands-on care.

The bones, joints, tendons and muscles of the human body work together as a mechanical system. When everything functions properly, we move freely. When one or more parts of the system are out of place, or are strained by an injury or over use, the body sends out a warning signal in the form of pain. The purpose of pain is to let us know something is wrong, and needs attention.

Rather than masking the warning messages of these injuries and disorders with pain-killing drugs, a chiropractor seeks to resolve the underlying issues that are causing this pain signal. And rather than rely on invasive surgery, a chiropractor will work with the body’s own healing properties in order to achieve a cure. There are a number of ways this can be accomplished, but all have the common goal of returning the body’s skeletal, nervous and muscular systems to their proper alignment and function.

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